Oh, the places you’ll go…

Good morning, beautiful foodie friends! I hope this somewhat grey Tuesday morning is brighter for you than the skies are looking outside right now.

I woke up this morning with some great ideas for the blog. I’m hoping to get the ball rolling with some of these things very soon (this weekend maybe?) BUT I wanted to know what you all might have ideas about that I can implement. Maybe there’s a place down the road you haven’t tried ’cause you’re scared it might not be good and you want me to try it and review it for you. Or maybe there’s a recipe you’ve tried over and over, followed every step but it just doesn’t turn out right. Let’s try it together!

I would love some of your help and input on what content to write about and post. Also, maybe you just want to talk? I’m a great listener! Please click on the ‘Let’s Talk, Foodie.’ tab and send me your ideas and comments. I am so excited to share my foodie adventures with you all. Much love!

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