Fresh New View

Waking up this morning, sipping coffee from my kitchen table, I feel blessed.

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I revealed a secret on Instagram that we’ve been keeping for about a month and a half now – WE’RE HOMEOWNERS! Eeek! We’re so excited!! When I tell you there’s a lot coming – I truly mean there’s a lot coming!

With that being said, I’m going to be sharing some perhaps nonconformist tips and tricks we’re using to keep our move organized and the process itself smooth as a baby’s tush. I personally have moved a lot in the past six years (approximately 11 times counting this move we’re about to tackle) and each of those experiences has come with their fair share of difficulties. Those decisions to move have come with an assortment of reasons (and it’s a lot, I know) but each time I’ve moved, life has gotten better and better. Hopefully though, this will be the last one for a long while (a chapter I’m enthusiastic about starting and exploring for a while).

The first thing Tim and I decided to do for this move was invest in reusable containers and for a couple of reasons. The first was to be more conscious of the affects cardboard boxes have on the environment – though according to The Sustainable Choice, “cardboard uses scarce landfill space” but it can still contaminate water sources and create methane gas in its decomposition. SO reusable containers it is. Also, they make it easier to pack more (sturdier than a cardboard box), therefore less containers have to be used which saves us $$ and when we get moved in, we can use them for storage of all sorts.

Another tip to packing is to begin as early as possible. Life gets so busy and when we might least expect it. I am a full time student, and while I don’t work full time time like I used to, I still work and I have a household to help take care of which includes cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. At some point, I have to fit in sleeping and bathing so there’s that (let me take a moment to say KUDOS to you moms and dads out there killing the game because wow). My point is – we’re busy AF, and any free time you have before moving is a prime time to get a box or two packed of the things you don’t need/have to use before your move. This will save you so much stress one or two days before your move when you feel like the world has been flipped upside down.

While moving can be a royal pain in the ass, it is also an opportunity to purge all the shit you have that you don’t need – like the clothes that have been in your closet that you bought and never wore, or the book you read once years ago, threw on a shelf, and haven’t looked at since (no, you’re not going to read it again. Just get rid of it!) – you get the idea. Donate it! Find those things new homes and let it go. You will feel so much better having less crap in your new place and it makes the unpacking process more fun.

Finally, ask your loved ones to be involved. Sure, you can hire some people to help you move and while it may (or very well may not) make the process easier for you, it takes away from the memories that can be made when the people you love have offered to help or have joyously agreed to take part in the moving process. This is an exciting time, no matter where you’re going or for what reason you’re moving there. Great opportunity is ahead of you. Fresh new start, fresh new vision, fresh new view. If anything, let the opportunity to make memories into your new home the foundation for which you want the vibe of your home to be.

Like this blog, I hope our home and all that enter it feel welcomed, loved, empowered, and worthy of love and that when they leave, they leave knowing there is a place for them on this planet.

If you’re moving, I hope these tips and tricks helped you in some way. Or if you’re not and you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for reading. Please be sure to comment on this post and visit previous blog posts (comment on those too). I want to know what you think, what you want to read more about, what you like and what you don’t like. I want to know all the things. Don’t be shy or if you are, there’s a button for you too (Let’s Talk, Foodie Tab). Let’s put creative minds together and evolve into something GREAT! Until next time, peace and love.

xoxo, Caitlin

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