COVID-19 Craziness…

Hello all! It’s been a minute… I know I promised another recipe a while ago and it’s obvious that I never followed through with it. I have excuses, but all I’ll say is that this blog isn’t meant to be a chore but rather an escape. If not for anyone else, for myself. I was being way too hard on myself trying to work, get school work done, create content, and write. Too much. Now, I don’t mean that I don’t want anyone else to enjoy what I post because I absolutely do. I just say all this to say… I don’t ever want this space to be considered work.

So with that being said, I’m here today to freely, openly, and all in fun share my thoughts on all the mess that’s happening in the world today. C R A Z Y stuff! And instead of a recipe (this time) I’ll just tell you what we’ve been doing to stay sane.

COVID-19 is serious business. I hope we all acknowledge this fact. It’s a little scary too. I’ll admit that at first, I didn’t take it seriously enough but then as the news progressed that it is very, very easily spread and that people my age are dying, I paid more attention. Granted, I haven’t jumped on the “wear a mask and gloves at the grocery store” bandwagon yet but I have put good use to the sanitizer wipes I have on all surfaces of our house and in our cars. We are also practicing social distancing by staying home, only leaving when we need to go to the grocery store but all that aside… school and work keep us both busy. And, well, so does

…WEDDING PLANNING! Yep, you read that right! If you haven’t seen on my Instagram or Facebook yet, Tim popped the question last Friday. We are officially ENGAGED! I am a whole fiancee. I’m a pretty hard person to surprise, and aside from him coming upstairs last Thursday, walking right up to me with his debit card in hand saying, “have your nails done by tomorrow,” he did a pretty good job (that didn’t raise any of my suspicions). I’m super excited, and my heart has been overflowing with love from everyone who took the time to wish us well and congratulate us. Thus we have begun planning, and it won’t be what anyone expects.

Kilpatrick, Party of TWO!

Being that we all are stuck in quarantine, I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through social media and seeing what you all have been up to. More and more people are posting their foodie creations and it makes my heart so happy. I, myself, have made mini bread pizzas, burgers on the grill, fresh veggies, marinated chicken, vegan bean soup, pork roast and potatoes, and homemade vegan cinnamon buns. All seasoned to perfection and perfectly satisfying simply because it was all made in my kitchen, with love. There is just nothing that compares to feeding yourself and your family from what you have created with your own two hands.

This photo brought to you by my Instagram

Don’t those look DELICIOUS?! They totally were! And just in case anyone wants to make them in their own kitchen, here is the recipe. Aside from cooking a lot and from the anxiety of all this scary news surrounding COVID-19, it has been a blessing to recharge. It’s amazing what we take for granted when we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.

I encourage you, who is reading this, to wake up tomorrow morning, make a cup of coffee, and sit outside on your porch or front step. Listen to the birds, breathe in the fresh air and admire all that surrounds you. Read a book, take a walk, mow your yard, play fetch with your dog, make something from scratch. Enjoy your little corner. It’s okay to be stuck at home. It’s times like these that we should be grateful to even have a place to call home. And if you must get out of your house (and practice proper social distancing) think about supporting local businesses by buying takeout from that restaurant you love down the street, or buying your dog’s food or doggie treats from your local pet store. Maybe get a cup of coffee and breakfast from that little coffee shop next to the grocery store.

Let’s look at this trying time as an opportunity to grow within ourselves and together. To learn something new, grow in better habits, and take on new hobbies so that when the world opens back up for us to enjoy, we can treat it better while also caring for one another more. I wish you all health, peace and love.

xoxo, Caitlin

P.S. Please leave a comment or shoot me a message with your thoughts on this post. Perhaps there is something you’ve been doing that I should try too. Or maybe there is something happening in the community I should know about to give to those families and individuals affected by this COVID-19 lock down. We are all in this together. Love you all!

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