Here at The Juicy Pepper, we love to share with you all things food, friends, and fun but we also feel it is necessary to share our values and belief systems, especially in a time such as this. We value the black community and we choose to speak out against racism. If you’ve been anywhere on the internet recently, then you’ve heard that a man named George Floyd was murdered in the street by a white police officer. You’ve also heard that an innocent man by the name of Ahamud Arbery was murdered by two white men. And you’ve heard, too, about Breonna Taylor. A dedicated EMT who was shot in her own home by police.

This is NOT okay. For centuries, POC (people of color) have been racially profiled, judged, tormented, seen as less than, not been given equal opportunities as the white population, and deemed thugs and criminals simply for the color of their skin.

We are here to say that enough is enough. We believe it is time for white people to recognize their privelage and speak out against racism. I’d like to provide ways in which we can do that.

  1. Understand the meaning of the Black Lives Matter movement and stop saying all lives matter.
    When someone says Black Lives Matter, that doesn’t mean that all life doesn’t matter. The BLM movement calls forward at least 400 years of racial discrimination and how during that time, white lives have always mattered more. Sad, but true. And we, as white folks, better start realizing this. Our privelage allows us to turn an eye from the hardships that black and brown people face should we so choose to while still benefitting from systems put in place to harm POC. So understand that saying BLACK LIVES MATTER does not in any way mean that all lives don’t matter, but until POC are viewed equally, only then can we truly start saying all lives matter. We are all human with beautiful lives to lead. We should all be deserving of equal opportunity.
  2. Educate yourself.
    It is not a person of color’s job to tell you what you should do to eradicate racism. Listen intently to understand rather to respond when black and brown people share their stories and experiences. Learn from them. Google and use school and local library resources on how to help the movement. Have meaningful conversations. But whatever you do, DO NOT be complacent or sit idly by while people make gross and horrific remarks. Better yet, don’t be the one to make gross and explicit remarks. Especially here on The Juicy Pepper’s page. We do not condone or tolerate such disgusting behavior.

    Below is a list of websites and resources. We encourage you to check them out and learn all that you can from these organizations.
    Not only has justice not been served for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery but too many people in the black community have been murdered and their killers walk FREE. This is asinine! Sign petitions! Call your government officials! We have to DEMAND justice! Peacefully protest! Below are some articles and petitions to sign.

    75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice
    Anti-Racism Resources for White People
    Justice for George Floyd
    Justice for Breonna Taylor
    Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

We would also like to include references for any of our black and brown friends who might be struggling during this time. We are here to support you in any and every meaningful way possible.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Mental Health America
Liberate Meditation App
Racial Equity Tools
Ethel’s Club

We have to start speaking up! We have to take a STAND! To the black community: I see you. I stand with you. I will fight this fight with you. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Until next time. Sending all the peace, love, and light.



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